Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New essay in the E-library!

We posted a new essay in our E-Library!

Filosofia da Educação no Brasil: uma particular experiência do pensar na educação? by Pedro Angelo Pagni, UNESP Brasil

Abstract: There is a difference between the philosophy of education produced in Brazil and other countries, or its claim to universality to exonerate him of seeking any particularity of experience of thinking in Brazilian education? On this issue and of the challenges thrown by a multiple ethnic and diverse cultural constitution as Brazil, the present research proposed to seek an answer to the question referred, to reconstitute the historical and philosophically the genesis and the development in the philosophy of education in Brazil. Although some studies have tried to address the history of the philosophy of education in Brazil since the years 1980, the present research aims to contribute to the construction of another look on the historical reconstruction of the manifestations of the philosophy of education such as teaching, field research and thought. To this end, we have developed a historical-philosophical analysis of the moments that emerges these manifestations emerge as an experience of thinking in education and we talk about the possibility or not of its particularity, specifically, in order to indicate their main challenges today. We conclude with an affirmative answer in relation to the existence of a particular experience of thinking in education, however, we can imagine that such particularity was lost, thanks to its institutionalization, the abandonment of the emerging problems of thinking cultural and educational reality and the very ethos of the subject who thinks, to settle the supposedly generalizantes parameters in academia.
Keywords: philosophy of education