What Lapes Does

What LAPES offers the education community

  • Reading Laboratory

The center piece of LAPES is the Latin American Philosophy of Education Library. Works from educational philosophers and theorists from Central and South America will be collected, housed and made available to the general public through the LAPES library. In addition, LAPES will facilitate monthly discussion encounters in its “Reading Laboratory” in which individuals will gather to discuss in “horizontal” fashion particular texts selected from the LAPES library. As far as we know there is no such library or “Reading Laboratory” in existence within the United States of America.

  • Annual Print and Digital Publication: LapĂ­z

Each calendar year LAPES will select a theme relevant to contemporary Latin American philosophy of education and then invite international scholars and teaching professionals to contribute a text to the publication of the LAPES journal, Lapiz. Texts will be published in Spanish, Portuguese or English. This journal will be available in print as well as via the LAPES website. The inaugural theme will be Inquiring into Contemporary Latin American Philosophies of Education.

  • Translation(s)

Members of LAPES will find, curate, and translate 3-5 previously published articles, book chapters, essays, etc., in Spanish and/or Portuguese into English every year. These articles will have been previously unavailable in English and will be made available on our website. LAPES will work with existing organizations to solicit, distribute, and publish previously untranslated texts. LAPES also aims to create a “special session” at its bi-annual conference in which newly translated works will be discussed.

  • Website

LAPES will maintain an interactive online presence via its website. This website will keep the international community abreast of the latest developments in LAPES as well as serve as a networking point for scholars, students and teachers around the world to communicate with each other about education conferences, books, articles and practices originating out of Latin America. In addition the website will host our annual Lapiz publication, as well as an online library of PDF files of articles and/or books relevant to Latin American Philosophy of Education in English.

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